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HiFlow Irrigation transforms your piece of land into a picture-perfect landscape with optimum quality irrigation service allowing you to make the planet green. 

HiFlow Irrigation designs your dream landscape, natural or artificial, all tailored specifically accordingly to your requirements and needs. Our services are not just limited to homeowners but to anyone that values a nice, organized view.


Our team at HiFlow Irrigation is skilled and experienced with the latest equipment and the most durable and effective installation methods to ensure an overall efficient system that will last you a long while. 

We are avid lovers of nature and it is not just limited to plantation but also the conservation of water. Using too much or too little water can ruin your place. Providing systems that provide just the right amount of water and energy! Taking your worries away, one at a time


When you are ready to schedule your complimentary consultation,
you can use our online form here > call 02074594273



Hiflow provides high-quality turfing services that completely changes your landscape. Turfing done correctly can increase the value of your property and the environmental benefits are endless! We use high-quality turf that is not just luscious but also easier to maintain. With our team of professionals making the installation process not just smooth but perfect with the right equipment, you will never have to worry about it again. Our turfing services are not just limited to domestic gardens but we take on projects of all sizes and devise an effective strategy to ensure that your landscape stays beautiful for a long time with high-quality topsoil and fertilizer. 



Want the beauty of a landscape minus the tiring regular maintenance? You have come to the right place! We might be avid lovers of nature but we get how the maintenance can be demanding which is why we offer artificial turfing. Artificial turf has its own benefits from saving water to not having to worry about pests but it all depends upon great installation and that is what our team is here for. Hiflow offers premium quality artificial turf that will take your worries away for a good while and look perfect all the time! Make your dream landscape with us!



Irrigation is not just about watering your landscape; it factors in a lot of aspects that are often overlooked upon. A good irrigation system can not just last you ages but also play a vital role in conserving water and proving to be cost-effective to you due to lesser maintenance. We have 11 years of experience in crafting aesthetic landscapes for our clients with the perfect irrigation system having both drip emitters and nozzles on pop-up heads, all with a rain sensor. We also offer add-on services to improve your pre-existing irrigation system. Our used equipment is specially designed to minimize rust with reduced iron to water interaction which also helps with preventing stains on other outdoor items, concrete and even the walls of your house. Maintaining your garden or lawn has never been easier before. 

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